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​​How to get a Broom and Fly High in Hogwarts Legacy

​​How to get a Broom and Fly High in Hogwarts Legacy
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One of the main attributes of any mage in the Harry Potter universe is the personal Broom. In Hogwarts Legacy, the broom also has a crucial impact on the gameplay. Read this guide to learn how to get a Broom and fly high in Hogwarts Legacy. 

How to get a Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

The only way to get a Broom is to purchase one at Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade. Here you can choose the most suitable Broom for only 600 gold, which is a measurable price for such a valuable item. And if you lack money, get some by selling gear, looting containers, or treasure vaults. 

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Before purchasing a Broom, make sure to complete the Flying Class quest. The mission is a flying lesson by Madam Kogawa, and it is one of the first things you will do at Hogwarts.

How to Fly High in Hogwarts Legacy

Flying itself is one of the most straightforward things in Hogwarts Legacy. First, open the gear menu and pick Broom here by pressing B/Circle. Then use a Right stick to get up in the air. 

If you want a speed boost, use buttons L2/LT. Then, use R2/RT to move forward and increase your speed slightly.

On a PC, you can get up in the air by pressing the space button and then descend using Ctrl. A left mouse click will make your character fly faster.

That’s it with unlocking Broom and flying faster in Hogwarts Legacy. As you can see, flying is the primary thing that will be unlocked at the beginning game’s stages. And if you practice, you can easily make Broom the most effective way to move around the world. Also, if you are looking for more guides, make sure to check our article on how to sprint in Hogwarts Legacy.

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​​How to get a Broom and Fly High in Hogwarts Legacy


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