How to Win Eco Rounds in Valorant – Tips and Strategy Guide


Matches in Valorant are very dynamic and difficult, and if you’re new or just unlucky, you will often lose. To increase the amount of in-game currency, you will need an eco round, during which you can save up money to buy more powerful weapons. Winning the eco round is more difficult than the standard round, but if you know some rules and strategies, you can win with ease.

How to Win Eco Rounds in Valorant – Tips and Strategy Guide

As we said earlier, the Eco Round is designed to save up for more powerful weapons and equipment and, thanks to this, win in later rounds.

During the Eco Round, you will have to save a lot, often using only a pistol or making a partial purchase with the whole team, but you must coordinate your actions.

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Strategy to Win Eco Rounds in Valorant

Many strategies will help you win the eco round, but we will tell you about the best in our opinion:

  • If you are playing on the defensive side, you can use the Camping technique. For this, you need to buy shorty weapons, and hold small corners, quietly sneaking up on opponents from behind. This strategy is even more effective if most of the allies are dead and the enemy is walking straight into your ambush.
  • If you’re playing with a good team, you should discuss the ambush strategy. You and another team member need to take two different positions, but with the same shot angle. Next, you need to wait, and as soon as the enemy appears, you can kill him. After that, you need to change the position a little.

Tips to Win Eco Rounds in Valorant

There are a lot of strategies, and you can change them for yourself, or even create your plan by discussing it with your team. But we have some tips for you that will be useful for any strategy:

  • Try to avoid long-range battles, as you will not have an advantage in them. Always try to bring enemies into melee.
  • If you’re playing Jett, Chamber, and Neon’s, try to keep their ultimate until the eco rounds as it can replace your weapon.
  • Play aggressively to prevent opponents from strategizing against your team.
  • Don’t save too much. Eco rounds are designed to accumulate in-game currency, but sometimes it’s better to spend a little more to win.

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How to Win Eco Rounds in Valorant – Tips and Strategy Guide


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