How to Win Crown Rush in Clash Royale – Guide and Tips

What is Clash Royale Deck Checker?

Winning and getting crowns for it are one of the main activities that have always been present in the game Clash Royale, and which you have to do all the time. By getting more crowns, you will be able to open more chests for the battle pass and accordingly get more new cards and gold. To get even more, you should play standard matches during the Crown Rush event and earn twice as many crowns, and today we will tell you how to win more often.

How to Win Crown Rush in Clash Royale – Guide and Tips

Crown Rush is an in-game event in Clash Royale, during which, for each enemy tower destroyed, you will receive as many as two crowns. The rules of this event only apply to standard one-on-one matches, are held two times a month, and are designed to help players earn a lot of crowns faster and have time to get all the rewards from the battle pass.

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To earn more crowns during this event, you need to try to play your best, but there are still some rules that will help you win more often:

  • Use the deck that you can play best.
  • Play as often as you can as the event only lasts for a few days, and you need to get the most out of it.
  • Lower your rating by losing 10-15 matches on purpose. If you are in lower ranks, opponents will be much easier, which means you will win more often.

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How to Win Crown Rush in Clash Royale – Guide and Tips


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