How to Use Yasuo in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story


While Champions in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story can be pretty versatile, their ability set makes some of them more effective at playing a certain role in battle.

This is definitely the case of Yasuo. The swordsman from Ionia is a powerful yet fragile warrior that can be devastating in the right hands, but that can do little else other than hitting enemies fast and hard.

Here’s how to use the character properly and all the ability he learns.

How to Use Yasuo in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Yasuo, like mentioned above, is an offense-oriented character, and one of the game’s most powerful Champions. He specializes in dealing huge amounts of damage to both single and multiple targets, thanks to abilities like Sweeping Blade, Gathering Storm, and Raging Wind. The latter two can also be used without any mana or Overcharge cost by stacking Steel Tempest, which grants free use of either ability once it has reached maximum amount.

With his extremely high Haste, Yasuo is a very fast character that can act multiple times in a short amount of time. One ability, Rising Wind, also has the chance of granting Yasuo an extra turn, chances that can be increased by improving the ability, so the swordsman from Ionia is the character to bring if you want to win fights as quickly as possible.

To show his true potential, however, Yasuo needs to be accompanied by a tank like Braum or a strong healer like Illaoi or Ahri. He has very little HP and low defense, so he usually goes down in a few hits. While Wind Wall can reduce all damage taken by a significant amount, and stacks of Flow do grant him a Damage Shield, you should not rely on these too much, as Yasuo is at his best when he can relentlessly slice up his enemies.

Below, you will find all Instant, Passive, and Lane abilities that Yasuo learns.

Steel Tempest (Instant)Deals damage and generates 12 Overcharge. Grants a stack of Steel Tempest. At max stacks, the next Gathering Storm or Ranging Wind will cost no Mana and have a 60% reduced recovery time.
Wind Wall (Instant)Reduces all damage taken by 40%. Reduces damage from Projectiles by an additional 20%.
Eye of the Wind (Instant)Increases Crit of all allies by 15% for 2 turns. Has 50% Reduced Recovery Time.
Way of the Wanderer (Passive)Increases Crit Chance by 10%. Crit Damage is reduced by 20%. Builds a stack of Flow after each critical hit, stacking 5 times. When taking damage, consumes the stacks to grant a Damage Shield absorbing 100 Damage per stack of Flow consumed. Gains 20% more Crit Chance from items.
Sweeping Blade (Lane)
Meditate (Lane)
Deals decent damage to the target and a nearby enemy. Grants a stack of Steel Tempest per Critical Strike. Very fast single-targeting skill.
Removes up to 2 Debuffs from self. Grants a stack of Flow for each Debuff cleansed. Has no recovery time.
Gale Strike (Lane) Deals decent damage over 2 hits and applies Cutting Wind, dealing an additional 40 True Damage each time they are hit for 3 turns or 16 hits, whichever comes first.
Rising Wind (Lane) Deals decent damage over 2 hits, and adds max stacks of Steel Tempest. Has a 30% chance to grant an Extra Turn.
Raging Wind (Lane) Hits 3 times, dealing big damage each. Gains an additional attack dealing 180 Damage for each Critical Strike, up to 4 extra attacks total.
Gathering Storm (Lane) Deals decent damage to all enemies and pushes them back by a small amount.

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How to Use Yasuo in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story


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