Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush features a lot of different hazards that can get you in your way, preventing you from proceeding further with ease and possibly costing you games or challenges. Not all hazards, however, are bad, as some of them must be used to complete some challenges

The tornadoes available in the Ridgerock Lake course are among these hazards that you must learn to take advantage of to succeed. Here’s how to.

How to Use Tornadoes in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Knowing how to use Tornadoes is extremely important while attempting to complete the game’s Golf Adventure Mode, as they are an integral part of the special XC Golf courses in the Ridgerock Lake course.

Tornadoes are essentially used to launch yourself, and the ball, upward so as to reach the next hill. To use them properly, all you need to do is to line up your shot so that the ball hits the tornado along the way. As the tornado doesn’t alter the ball’s trajectory, you can actually be extremely accurate, even if you have to go up, so make sure to aim for the greens at all times to avoid having to spend more time getting the ball out of a bad spot.

One thing to keep in mind while attempting to use tornadoes is that positioning makes a big difference. If you’re too close to the rocks, it’s likely that your ball will bounce off of them as you try to go up, essentially making you waste tons of time. As such, it’s better to make an extra shot to better position yourself, rather than having to recover from a bad shot.

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