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How To Use The Rehabilitation Center in Nikke

This is how to get free characters in the rehabilitation center in Nikke.

Most Nikkes are good girls, but there’s always the exception. See, being a superhuman android comes with the responsibility to control your powers. When a Nikke gets just a little bit too out of hand, they get sent to the rehabilitation center, also known as Robot Girl Jail. Here, there are people dedicated to trying and reforming these troubled Nikkes so that they become respectable citizens of society once again. Unfortunately, there are few brave enough to do that until the Commander comes along. Proceed with caution though, these ladies are not to be toyed with. This is how to use the rehabilitation center in Nikke.

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The Inmates At Liberation In Nikke

Sins chart in Nikke
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This mechanic basically gives you the opportunity to get a couple of free SSR characters if you’re willing to put in the grind. When you make it to a certain point in the game, a cutscene will occur where you basically get pulled into being a volunteer for the Ark’s liberation program.

The prison is accessible via the elevator in the Ark. You’ll first choose one girl to start rehabbing out of three. There’s Sin, Guilty, and Quency. Sin can drive people into hysteria with her voice and wears a face guard for this reason while Guilty is strong enough to break your spine with a light hug. Quency is so sneaky that her methods could rival Houdini. Now it’s time to pick your poison.

How To Unlock The Rehabilitation Center Characters In Nikke

The way that you grant one of these Nikkes freedom is by collecting points for them. You do the missions on their chart and when you reach the required 3600 points, you’ll get the unit in your roster. It’s really simple, but it can take a long time since you’re only allowed to do three a day. But hey, it’s a free high-rarity card, so you can’t complain. As you reach point milestones, you’ll get to know the characters through side stories, many of which will probably make you question if you should be there or not.

You can unlock these characters in Goddess of Victory: Nikke today!

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How To Use The Rehabilitation Center in Nikke