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How To Get More Blueprints in Goddess of Victory Nikke

How To Get More Blueprints in Goddess of Victory Nikke
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All of the characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke have different jobs in Elysium, many of which exist in the outpost, the area where the Nikkes on your roster hang out. As the Commander, it’s up to you to spruce up the outpost into a livable place for your beloved Nikkes. For those unfamiliar, Nikke is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic earth where humans live alongside superpowered soldiers called Nikkes. Together, you battle monsters that threaten humanity called raptures. When you’re not battling, you’re bunked up together at the Outpost. Being there means putting up buildings to fill in it, which you do using blueprints. This is how to get blueprints in Goddess of Victory Nikke.

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How To Get The Outpost In Goddess of Victory Nikke

Of course, to use the blueprints you need to unlock the Outpost. Before that, you’ll live in the Ark, which is something like the head command center of your organization. Early in the game after the first few chapters, you and your squad will automatically move to the Outpost, which you can think of as a field office of your company. Therefore, it’s just a matter of game progression. After that, everything basically happens in the Outpost, leveling, interacting with your Squad, etc.

Where To Get Blueprints In Goddess Of Victory Nikke

A campaign map in Nikke.
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Blueprints are found throughout the chapter maps that make up the main story of the game. You can access this by clicking the Campaign button on the main page. The goal is to navigate through each map and defeat the raptures on it on order to progress through the story. You beat them in a third person shooter style controlling your squad’s movements and actions. While you are a clearing map, look out for small sparkles on the paths. These have the chance to be blueprints. Click on them to see what they are.

How To Use Blueprints In Nikke

To use a blueprint, go to the Outpost and choose an empty spot, also called a constructible area. Click on Construct and then scroll down to find the blueprint you have. Click Construct and you’ll be all set. You’re now on your way to developing your home in Elysium!

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How To Get More Blueprints in Goddess of Victory Nikke