How to Use the /locate biome Command in Minecraft 1.19

Locate biome command Minecraft

Minecraft is famous for its almost endless and randomly generated worlds. There is nearly no limit to the possibilities in this game, as imagination is the only obstacle. Hence why it is so popular. Players can further broaden the horizon by implementing commands in their gameplay. Minecraft features tons of interesting and useful commands by default. In this guide, you will learn about the /locate biome command and how to use it in Minecraft 1.19.

/locate biome command in Minecraft: All you need to know

/locate is one of the most used commands in Minecraft. As obvious from its name, the locate command is used to find the coordinates of any specific structure, biome, or point of interest. Before the 1.19 update, Minecraft had two separate commands, locate and locatebiome, and the latter command was exclusive to Java Edition.

In the 1.19 update, Mojang improved the locate command and gave the option to find coordinates of places using a single command. Both Java and Bedrock Edition players can now use /locate biome command to find the coordinates of any type of biome in Minecraft.

To use this command, open the console or chat box and type the following command:

/locate biome <biome_name>

After entering the biome name, hit the enter to locate the coordinates to the nearest biome. The game will share the coordinates in the chat within a few seconds.

Here is a list of biome names that players can use in the locate biome command:

Bamboo Junglebamboo_jungle
Basalt Deltasbasalt_deltas
Birch Forestbirch_forest
Cold Oceancold_ocean
Crimson Forestcrimson_forest
Dark Forestdark_forest
Deep Cold Oceandeep_cold_ocean
Deep Darkdeep_dark
Deep Frozen Oceandeep_frozen_ocean
 Deep Lukewarm Oceandeep_lukewarm_ocean
 Deep Oceandeep_ocean
 Dripstone Cavesdripstone_caves
 End Barrensend_barrens
 End Highlandsend_highlands
 End Midlandsend_midlands
 Eroded Badlandseroded_badlands
 Flower Forestflower_forest
 Frozen Oceanfrozen_ocean
 Frozen Peaksfrozen_peaks
 Frozen Riverfrozen_river
 Ice Spikesice_spikes
 Jagged Peaksjagged_peaks
 Lukewarm Oceanlukewarm_ocean
 Lush Caveslush_caves
Mangrove Swampmangrove_swamp
 Mushroom Fieldsmushroom_fields
 Nether Wastesnether_wastes
 Old Growth Birch Forestold_growth_birch_forest
 Old Growth Pine Taigaold_growth_pine_taiga
 Old Growth Spruce Taigaold_growth_spruce_taiga
 Savanna Plateausavanna_plateau
 Small End Islandssmall_end_islands
 Snowy Beachsnowy_beach
 Snowy Plainssnowy_plains
 Snowy Slopessnowy_slopes
 Snowy Taigasnowy_taiga
 Soul Sand Valleysoul_sand_valley
 Sparse Junglesparse_jungle
 Stony Peaksstony_peaks
 Stony Shorestony_shore
 Sunflower Plainssunflower_plains
 The Endthe_end
 Warm Oceanwarm_ocean
 Warped Forestwarped_forest
 Windswept Forestwindswept_forest
 Windswept Gravelly Hillswindswept_gravelly_hills
 Windswept Hillswindswept_hills
 Windswept Savannawindswept_savanna
 Wooded Badlandswooded_badlands

Players can use the /locate biome to find these biomes easily in Minecraft. However, if using command is not an option, players can use a biome finder.

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How to Use the /locate biome Command in Minecraft 1.19


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