Full List of Minecraft Bedrock Commands

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Commands
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Minecraft Bedrock is one of the most celebrated editions of the Minecraft series. One of the key highlights of the Bedrock Edition is the variety of commands that can be executed to perform various actions in the game.

Minecraft Bedrock Commands can carry out actions ranging from moving objects to changing the in-game difficulty, changing weather, and so on. Therefore, cheat codes play a vital role in increasing the element of fun in Minecraft Bedrock.

Here’s a guide that includes the complete list of Minecraft Bedrock Commands along with how to enter and activate them. 

How to use Minecraft Bedrock commands and cheats

The most common way to use a Minecraft Bedrock command is by launching the game and pressing the “/” key to open up the console. Once the console appears on the screen, choose any command from the above list and input the text bar with the “/” prefix.

For instance, to clear item(s) from the player’s inventory, enter “/clear” in the console and hit the “OK” button. The command will be executed right away and the corresponding action will be performed.

Please note: Minecraft commands are case-sensitive. 

List of Minecraft Bedrock Commands

Minecraft Bedrock has nearly 70 different commands that are further distinguished into different sections such as server-based, world-based, and other commands. Below we’ve put together every command that’s functional right now:

/abilityGrants or revokes ability to a player
/alwaysdayStops or resumes the day-night cycle
/camerashakeCreates a camera shaking effect
/changesettingChange a dedicated server setting
/clearClear item(s) from the player’s inventory
/clearspawnpointRemoves the spawn point
/cloneCopies block(s) and puts them in a location
/connectConnect to websocket server
/deopTakes operator status away from a player
/dialogueOpens NPC dialogue
/difficultySets the game’s difficulty
/effectAdd/Remove status effects
/enchantEnchants a selected item
/eventTriggers an event
/executeExecutes a different command
/fillFills an area with blocks
/fogChanges fog settings
/functionRuns a function
/gamemodeSets player’s game mode
/gameruleSets game rule
/gametestGameTest features
/giveGives an item to a player
/helpDisplays a list of available commands and information about them
/immutableworldSet immutable world state
/kickKick a player
/killKill any entity
/listLists players
/locateLocate the closest structure
/meDisplays a message
/mobeventEnables or disables mob event
/musicAllows the player to play music tracks
/opGives player operator status
/opsReloads or displays permissions list
/particleCreates particle(s)
/playanimationPlay an animation
/playsoundPlays a sound
/reloadReloads functions, advancements and loot tables
/replaceitemReplace any item(s) in inventory
/rideChange ride settings or entities
/saveResume, status query, backup
/sayDisplays a message to multiple players
/scheduleSchedule the execution of a function
/scoreboardManages the scoreboard
/setblockChanges a block
/setmaxplayersThe max amount of players allowed to join
/setworldspawnSets the world spawn point
/spawnpointSet the spawn point of a player
/spreadplayersSpreads entities around the map randomly
/stopThe command used to stop the server
/stopsoundStop a sound
/structureSave or load structures
/summonSummons an entity
/tagControl entity tags
/teleportTeleports entities
/tellrawDisplays message to players (JSON)
/testforNumber of entities matching specified criteria
/testforblockCheck if a block is in a location
/testforblocksCheck if the blocks in two regions match
/tickingareaList, add, remove ticking areas
/timeChanges world time
/titleControl screen titles
/titlerawControl screen titles (JSON)
/toggledownfallChanges the weather
/tpSame as ‘/teleport’
/wSame as ‘/tell’ ,’/msg’. Displays private message
/wbEdit restricted blocks. Same as ‘/worldbuilder’
/weatherSets the weather
/xpAdds or removes exp from a player

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Full List of Minecraft Bedrock Commands


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