How to Use The Knight Statue in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips

How to Use Knight Statue in Rush Royale - Guide and Tips

The Knight Statue is one of the strongest support cards in the game. The card increases the speed and attack of the units next to it. However, it works when you have an even number of Statues in the arena. And as a plus, it additionally increases critical damage based on its merge range. Therefore, people often use this card in their decks.

Best Decks to Use Knight Statue in Rush Royale

Portal Keeper, Dryad, King Statue, Blade Dancer, Scrapper

After rebalancing, playing with Blade Dancer makes sense. When you play correctly, the only deck that can beat you is the Inquisitor deck. So, how should you play?

In the early stages of the game, you need to take care of the Knight Statues, which will later improve your Blade Dancers. The further the game goes, the more dancers you exhibit and the more damage you do. This is how you need to play this deck.

Portal Keeper, Dryad, King Statue, Harlequin, Inquisitor

This is the deck that can beat the previous one but has nearly the same win rate in PvP mode. Read how it works.

First, you need to put one Inquisitor at the battleground and accumulate mana for about 10 pawns to continue playing. Then you have to set the maximum number of cards to make the right arrangement and get more inquisitors. And just repeat it throughout all game, parallelly boosting inquisitor by placing a statue.

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How to Use The Knight Statue in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips


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