How to Use the Jackal in COD Mobile: Jackal Tips and Tricks

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COD Mobile launched Season 6: To The Skies on June 29th and with it came the new Jackal fight jet. This brilliant piece of machinery can be flown by any budding pilot, but first read up on where to find one and how best to fly the Jackal in this guide. Find out here how to use the Jackal in COD Mobile: Jackal tips and tricks!

Piloting the Jackal in COD Mobile

In COD Mobile’s Battle Royale players can now pilot the Jackal fighter jet. These vehicles can be found in COD Mobile’s Battle Royale Isolated map as indicated by the new jet icon. Open up your map and see where the icon appears and find the Jackal parked on a landing strip. Each fighter jet can hold two players- the pilot and and the passenger. Of course the pilot is in control of flying the jet, while the passenger rides along with them.

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Take to the Skies! (via Activision Publishing Inc)

There are only a handful of Jackals available per match so be prepared to fight for it! Land nearby and load up before attempting to take to the skies.

Jackal Pilot Controls

  • Automatic Cannon: explosive rounds to take out any enemies on the ground or in the air.
  • Missiles: limited-use missiles can be fired at enemies on the ground or in the air, and have a short cooldown.
  • Flares: use to distract enemy missile attacks. As with the missiles they have a brief cooldown and are in limited numbers.
  • Accelerator: the more you press it – the faster you go!
  • Brakes: slow down and stop using the brakes. You must slow before releasing the landing gear to land.

Hot Tips and Tricks for Jackal Pilots

  • Practice makes perfect! Play around with the controls before engaging with an enemy so you know how to best manoeuvre during a fight.
  • Speedy Looter! Use the jets to fly from one loot spot to another to get the best gear for your squad.
  • Distract and Explode! Target an enemy, eject from the aircraft and let it explode on the ground. In all the confusion you can easily attack the enemy with a surprise flanking!
  • Swap Pilots! If the pilot ejects and parachutes away the passenger can switch seats and fly the aircraft themselves.

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cod mobile jackal challenges
Help Legendary Operator Alias secure fuel (via Activision Publishing Inc)

When you have mastered flying the Jackal you can help Legendary Operator Alias with a challenge. Help her get fuel for her Jackal as you complete tasks in Battle Royale and Multiplayer matches. Check out the Event page in-game and see what rewards you can gain!

That is all you need to know about the Jackal in COD Mobile, we hope our tips will help you become a legendary pilot! Now jump aboard and take to the skies. Good luck!

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How to Use the Jackal in COD Mobile: Jackal Tips and Tricks


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