How To Use The Insect Glaive In Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

The Insect Glaive is among the most unique weapons ever seen in the Monster Hunter series, and with the addition of Wirebug mechanics, this weapon is possibly even more fun to use in Monster Hunter Rise. Mostly known for its amazing mobility options, the Insect Glaive is a weapon that can also dish out decent damage, also thanks to the ability to control Kinsects.

With so many different options, is the Insect Glaive a good weapon to use in Monster Hunter Rise? Let us find out.


The Insect Glaive is a very unique weapon that features tons of mobility options. It is also the best weapon for aerial combat, as many of its techniques propel the hunter in the air without the help of the environment or Wirebugs. All these movement options translate in very fluid combos which can also include evasive options. Unfortunately, damage is not great, compared to other weapons, and the lack of true defensive options make the Insect Glaive a weapon that only the most expert hunters will be able to use to its maximum potential.

The Lord of the Insects

Together with the unique aerial capabilities, what sets the Insect Glaive apart from all Monster Hunter Rise weapons is the ability to control Kinsects, insects that can attack monsters independently of the player. By marking a target with the ZR button, you can pretty much target any monster part, which the Kinsect will continue attacking until it is recalled with ZR and A. Additionally, you can use Kinsects to harvest extracts from monsters, which grant you some very nice buffs.

My Favorite Color is Red

As the Insect Glaive has very low damage output, despite an amazing combo potential, you should be looking for every opportunity to buff your damage. Extracting essences from monsters will grant you different buffs depending on the color: red for damage, white for movement speed, orange for defense, and green for healing. The Red Extract effects last longer with three other extract effects active, so you should be looking to maintain as many of these active to enjoy a pretty much necessary damage buff. This will also make you immune to roaring attacks, so you have every reason to keep these buffs active for as long as possible.

Don’t Abuse Wirebugs!

The two Insect Glaive Silkbind Attacks are somewhat useful, but they are not exactly groundbreaking, as the regular moveset can accomplish almost the same things without requiring Wirebugs. Silkbind Vault, performed by pressing ZL and X, is a leaping attack that can also be used in midair and connects well with many other techniques. Recall Kinsect, performed with ZL and A, is a quick dodge that recalls the Kinsect and lets you collect regular extracts. As this move pretty much resets your offensive, you should only use it if you have no other means of avoiding an enemy attack.

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How To Use The Insect Glaive In Monster Hunter Rise


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