How To Use The Heavy Bowgun In Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise features several different weapons that are perfect for long-range combat, but those who wish to obliterate their targets with heavy firepower have no choice but to pick the Heavy Bowgun. While limited on some fronts, this weapon is a true powerhouse that has the potential of leaving nothing but ashes in its wake.

So, it the Heavy Bowgun difficult to utilize to its full potential? Let us find out!


The Heavy Bowgun isn’t just an extremely powerful ranged weapon, but also one that is not too difficult to use properly. Regular shots deal very good damage, and the bigger ammo capacity than the Light Bowgun results in much higher DPS, as you have to reload less often. The huge variety of ammo also makes the weapon extremely versatile in most combat situations, letting you dish out elemental damage as needed. The only true downside to the Heavy Bowgun is its horrible mobility. It is so bad that the regular dodge is actually a much better option for moving around.

Mods Are Your Best Friends

Knowing how to use mods is extremely important for any Heavy Bowgun user, as they introduce some very useful skills that can also influence your playstyle, such as increased damage from close or long range, improved Wyvernheart or Wyvernsnipe, and auto-guard capabilities. Pick the ones that suit you best and do not be afraid to experiment a little to find what truly works best for you.

Load Your Special Ammo

The Heavy Bowgun has two types of special ammo – Wyvernsnipe and Wyvernheart. The two have different effects: the first deals a huge amount of damage, hitting the monster multiple times, while the second lets you rapid-fire any target, with an accuracy bonus if you manage to always stay on point. Combined with all the other regular ammo options, the Special Ammo makes the Heavy Bowgun a deadly weapon in every situation.

Counter Shot

The fact that you can equip a Shield mod onto the Heavy Bowgun makes a counterattack invaluable. The Counter Shot, a Silkbind Attack performed by pressing R and X, not only counters enemy attacks but also lets you control the direction of the counterattack, making this a great move when surrounded and want to direct your counteroffensive on a specific target.

Good Mobility Has A Cost

The Heavy Bowgun’s horrible mobility is partially saved by the Free Silkbind Glide. Performed by pressing R and A, this Silkbind Attack makes you leap forward quickly and perform a melee attack by pressing the X, A, and Y buttons. Free Silkbind Glide is the best mobility option for the Heavy Bowgun, so make sure to manage your Wirebugs properly to be able to use it when it is needed the most.

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How To Use The Heavy Bowgun In Monster Hunter Rise


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