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How to Use the Grenade Launcher in Mighty Doom

How to Use the Grenade Launcher in Mighty Doom
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The only way to defeat the hordes of demons in Mighty DOOM is to make sure you have the best equipment and weapons available. Primary weapons can only get you so far, what a Slayer truly needs is a strong secondary weapon and a wicked equipment launcher.

There are a couple of grenade launchers to choose from so read on to find out how to use the grenade launcher in Mighty DOOM including how to upgrade and fuse the weaponry.

How to Use an Arc Grenade or Frag Grenade Launcher in Mighty DOOM

There are two types of grenade launcher in Mighty DOOM: the Arc Grenade and the Frag Grenade. Once you have unlocked either type it can be equipped in the equipment launcher/grenade slot in your inventory before starting your next round of stages.

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Once you have your grenade launcher equipped you can play through the next world and it will launch its Arc Grenades or Frag Grenades automatically. The Arc Grenade fires off plasma energy which arcs between demons while applying Malfunction to weaken any enemy attacks. The Frag Grenade launches frag grenades which AOE damage and is particularly damaging to enemies weak to Explosives.

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How to Get a Grenade Launcher in Mighty DOOM

All weapons, including the Frag Grenade and Arc Grenade launchers, are available to unlock by purchasing crates in the Mighty DOOM store. These cost 80 Crystals for one Weapon Crate, or 260 Crystals for a Special Crate which promises higher rarity weaponry and equipment. Crystals are either earned through rewards or purchased in bundles using real money.

How to Upgrade and Fuse Grenade Launchers

If you have multiple Grenade Launchers of the same type and rarity you can go to the Fuse tab to upgrade their rarity. Fusing combines three weapons or items of equipment and creates one piece of higher rarity. For example: you can take three common rarity Frag Grenade Launchers and combine them in the Fuse section to create one common rarity Frag Grenade Launcher.

Now you have your upgraded equipment launchers you can take them into battle and try them out. If you need to know more about other weapons in Mighty DOOM, visit our weapons tier list.

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How to Use the Grenade Launcher in Mighty Doom


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