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How to Use the Crucifix in Demonologist

How to Use the Crucifix in Demonologist
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As an expert Demonologist you should never be without all the best gear to help you survive against the evil entities lurking in haunted houses. When facing a demonic creature from the depths of Hell there are many things you should have to hand, one of which is the mighty Crucifix.

Use this tool to ward off spirits and ghosts who may do you harm as you try to discover what type of creature they are. Find out below how to use the crucifix in Demonologist, and maybe you can live to hunt demons another day.

How to get and use a crucifix

Any useful items, including the Crucifix, can be purchased using money earned in-game from completing investigations. A crucifix is used to repel evil when they are on the hunt, and will have to be held out in front of you when encountering a spirit. If the evil spirit is hunting you and you use the crucifix against it, it will break the crucifix which gives you time to run and hide. Be warned: only one crucifix can be purchased and used at a time, and once it has been used during a spirit hunt, it is gone for good! A new crucifix can be purchased next time.

Tools to Help You Survive in The Demonologist

When something goes bump in the night, you and your team are the first ones to investigate, but you should never go empty-handed. Of course, there is the standard kit you need to take to work out what type of demon or spirit is haunting the place, but other items are needed to ward off evil and keep your sanity levels high.

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In Demonologist your sanity is treated like a health bar, and the lower it gets the more trouble you are in. As you investigate the evil inhabiting the building, it takes a toll on your mind and you start to lose yourself in the crazy and dangerous world of evil spirits. Some of these spirits can drain your sanity just by being near you, and more so during a spirit hunt, so protection is essential. This can come in the form of a Candle, Sanity Pills, Holy Water, and/or a Crucifix. These are also useful during a Spirit Hunt where to evil entity is chasing you down in a murderous rage.

Try to survive during an investigation! (via Clock Wizard Games)

For more hints and tips on how to survive during an investigation in Demonologist visit our full survival guide!

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How to Use the Crucifix in Demonologist


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