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How to Use Strengthening Token in Street Fighter Duel

How to Use Strengthening Token in Street Fighter Duel
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Training up your favorite fighters is the name of the game in Street Fighter: Duel. When a fighter is close to their maximum potential, you can unlock their Fighting Spirit and give them a huge boost in power, which is done through the use of a special currency called Strengthening Tokens. Let us learn how to use Strengthening Tokens in Street Fighter: Duel.

What to spend Strengthening Tokens on in Street Fighter: Duel

If you have been playing Street Fighter: Duel for a while now, you may have noticed a conspicuous locked slot for your fighters in the bottom left corner of their profile view. Tapping on the slot reveals that this is their Fighting Spirit slot, which is essentially another passive ability.

To unlock a fighter’s Fighting Spirit, they must reach SS rank, which is currently one rank away from the highest rank in the game right now. You need to invest a lot of resources into a fighter to get them to SS rank, so the journey will be long.

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Once you have unlocked a fighter’s Fighting Spirit, you can upgrade it using special tokens called Original Tokens. These are obtained from challenge missions, and they are used to upgrade a Fighting Spirit up to +10.

A Fighting Spirit can no longer be upgraded with Original Tokens once it is at +10. Instead, you now need to use Strengthening Tokens, which can further upgrade a Fighting Spirit from +10 all the way to +20. Strengthening Tokens are also acquired from challenge missions.

Fighting Spirits can be considered a fighter’s ultimate technique, so you should aim to unlock them for all your favorite fighters, as they hit a massive power spike once you do so. A fighter with an upgraded Fighting Spirit becomes an absolute powerhouse of a unit!

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How to Use Strengthening Token in Street Fighter Duel


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