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How to Get Akuma in Street Fighter: Duel

How to Get Akuma in Street Fighter: Duel
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The hype is here, and it’s real—Akuma has been announced to join the roster of heroes in Street Fighter: Duel. The Supreme Master of the Fist, as he called himself in Street Fighter IV, is making fans around the world shake in excitement because this iconic antagonist is famous for his power. Having him on your team in this mobile game should do wonders for your overall success rate.

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However, the question of the day is—how to get Akuma in Street Fighter: Duel. There are still a lot of uncertainties when it comes to obtaining this hero, so let’s explore what we know at this point.

How to Get Akuma in Street Fighter: Duel

Akuma is coming to Street Fighter: Duel as a part of the Impending Nightmare event. It is scheduled to arrive on April 13. The event is currently visible in the game, and it comes with a set of tasks that should grant you easier access to Akuma once the countdown ends.

Namely, you need to share a different event poster on your social media every day and receive rewards only the first time you share each poster. The rewards are Special Summon Tickets, and if you share posters every day, you will be able to collect 50 tickets in total.

Akuma event SF Duel
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While the game doesn’t explicitly promise that you will be able to get Akuma, it does explain that Special Summon Tickets will be used during Special Summons, which is a new feature that will premiere with this event and stay in the game permanently (unlocked after stage 2-28).

We still don’t know what the mentioned “specific reward pools” in this event will contain, but the odds are that you will have a chance to obtain Akuma. With 50 Special Summon Tickets, which guarantee five 10x Draws, you might just get lucky enough.

It also remains to be seen whether Akuma will join the regular roster of heroes after the event so that you can draw him using Diamonds.

In any case, we wish you luck in collecting the Special Summon Tickets and hopefully drawing Akuma. Let us know how it goes, and don’t forget to check out other useful guides in our Street Fighter: Duel section on TouchTapPlay!

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How to Get Akuma in Street Fighter: Duel


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