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How To Use Snowmen in Dead By Daylight

How To Use Snowmen in Dead By Daylight
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Winter is here and the Entity is bringing some extra rewards for Survivors and Killers with the Bone Chill Event 2022. Snowmen have been brought back to the Fog and with it comes some festive fun for all players. Find out below how to use Snowmen in Dead By Daylight.

Snowmen in Dead By Daylight Bone Chill 2022

Snowmen have returned with the Bone Chill Event in 2022 but this year things are slightly different. In previous years only Surivors could use the Snowmen to hide in and protect themselves from a hit from the Killer. This year both sides of the game — Survivors and Killers — can jump inside and sneak about. The Snowmen also provide no protection from damage!


As a Survivor, the Snowmen can be used by approaching one and getting inside – this action can be performed by whichever button is shown as you approach the Snowman, and depends on what platform you are using. Once inside the player can walk, but not run, and hide from the Killer. They are given the Blindness effect when inside, much like when they hide in a locker, and all aura reading abilities do not work while inside. This includes the Killer’s ability to see your aura.

snowman in Dead by Daylight
Getting inside a Snowman as a Survivor in Dead By Daylight (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Survivors do not get any protection from being inside a Snowman, as they did in previous years of Bone Chill Events, but it is still pretty fun to hide inside and sneak about. If the Killer does not see you get inside, it is a great place to be!

dead by daylight snowman hiding from killer
Hiding from the Killer in Dead By Daylight (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

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If a Survivor manages to hide inside a Snowman and then leave through the Exit Gates, they gain a bonus reward of 1,500 Bloodpoints as the Master of Disguise!

escaped as snowman dead by daylight
Escape as the Snowman for extra Bloodpoints in Dead By Daylight (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)


As Killer, it is now possible to also hide inside a Snowman. This adds an extra creepy jump-scare for the other players as they have no idea the Snowman walking towards them is the Killer!

killer in a snowman dead by daylight
Hiding in a Snowman as Killer in Dead By Daylight (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

That is all you need to know about using Snowmen in Dead By Daylight during Bonechill 2022 Event. Next up, why not check out news on a potential Fortnite and DBD collboration? See you in The Fog!

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How To Use Snowmen in Dead By Daylight


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