How to Use Sieg in Fate/Grand Order

How to Use Sieg in Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is an entertaining RPG in the best traditions of the Fate franchise. The Holy Grail War is in full swing and players need to collect their Servants to defeat all opponents. The game has a huge number of Servants that have different classes and abilities. Therefore, players often have problems with how to use some Servants. And in this guide, we will tell you about Sieg.

How to Use Sieg

  • Sieg is a 4-star Caster Servant. His strengths are fast NP gain and high AoE Arts damage. Let’s take a look at his skills.
  • Artificial Hero (Fake) B+ – this skill depending on its level, can increase Sieg’s Health from 1000 to 2000, and increase his NP Gain from 20% to 30%. The effect lasts for three turns.

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  • Magecraft C – allows you to increase the effectiveness of the Arts Card by 22% – 36% for one turn.
  • Dead-Count Shapeshifter EX – increases Sieg’s damage against dragons by 50% – 100% for one turn. It also increases NP Gauge by 20% – 30%.
  • Sieg’s class skills Independent Action EX and Homunculus C+ increase the critical damage of the Servant by 12%, and also the effectiveness of Arts Card and debuff resistance by 6.5%.
  • And his Noble Phantasm called Ákafiloga All-gríð EX deals 450% – 750% damage to all enemies.

As you can see, all his skills are focused on damage and increasing NP, so he needs someone in his team who can reduce the damage received. Otherwise, he is a great AoE damage dealer and is especially effective against enemies with the Dragon trait.

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How to Use Sieg in Fate/Grand Order


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