Minecraft is a multi-platform sandbox and action game with endless open world and pixel art developed by Mojang. In the survival game mode, you have to do crafting from improvised blocks and resources, collect food, fight mobs, etc. Although the blocks are angular, players can build anything and this guide will tell you about the new Sculk Blocks.

How to Use Sculk Blocks

New blocks and mechanics are constantly being added to the game, and now with the release of Beta version 1.18, some features from the future version 1.19 are presented. To access new blocks you need to turn experimental features.

These blocks will spawn in the Deep Dark biome, which will most likely be added in version 1.19. And now we can try the beta version of the new blocks. There are four of them:

  • Actual Sculk Block
  • Sculk Vein
  • Sculk Catalyst
  • Sculk Shrieker

Actual Sculk Blocks can be used mainly for buildings. They have mesmerizing textures that are also animated. This is similar to glowing pulsing which creates a texture fusion effect. Just imagining that the ceiling was made entirely of these blocks, it’s like the starry sky inside the house.

Sculk Vein also has a decorative role. It is very similar to Glow Lichen, but it is a little bit more filled and does not reproduce any light.

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Sculk Catalyst also has an interesting texture. The top part looks like skulk the lower part kind of almost looks a bit like endstone but a little bit more white. This block causes the skull growth by actually spreading. If you kill something like husk or cow near the catalyst, around it will spread Skull. At this moment, a small fire or smoke is visible from the top of the block. The amount of Sculk that spreads from the Sculk Catalyst will be directly related to the amount of experience that dropped, but now it’s the same.

Sculk Shrieker in Minecraft

Sculk Shrieker also has an interesting texture, as if something alive, like a ghost, is twisting inside. This block has some mechanics. If you jump on it, or if you give a Redstone signal to Shrieker, you will get the Darkness Effect. The effect makes everything around you darker, for example, in a cave, the light from a torch is enough only for a distance of one block.

The next feature is not currently in the game, but it will be in later versions. Skulk Shrieker and Sculk Sensor will communicate. As a result, the Sensor will detect player movement and send a signal over to the Shrieker, which will create the Darkness Effect.

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