How to Use Raw Accel for Valorant


Valorant is one of the most popular multiplayer shooters and it has a huge community of players. In order to improve your performance in this game, you can use Raw Accel. It is a very useful driver that you can install on your PC to make your mouse acceleration more flexible. In this guide, we will tell you how to use Raw Accel for Valorant.

What Is Raw Accel and Why It Is So Popular?

Valorant is a multiplayer shooter that features an advanced shooting mechanic and a huge roster of characters that you can choose from. All of these heroes have their own skills that you will need to use to defeat your enemies. However, the most important part is your shooting skill and you won’t be able to succeed in this game if you can’t shoot properly.

Raw Accel is a special driver that can be used to customize your mouse acceleration. Most high-ranked players prefer to use this program and it helps them to aim their enemies and turn their characters.

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How to Use Raw Accel for Valorant

Basically, Raw Accel allows you to customize your mouse sensitivity and make it more advanced. If you have a low sensitivity then you will be able to aim at your opponents effectively. However, it won’t be so comfortable when you will need to turn your character around fast and target an opponent that comes from behind.

In order to be able to get both low and high sensitivity, you should use Raw Accel. This program has a convenient interface and it is easy to understand. With this driver, you will be able to customize your mouse acceleration. So, it will be low when you move your mouse slowly but will become higher if you move the mouse faster.

Raw Accel is a great program that will be really helpful. It has a huge number of different parameters that you will be able to customize and this driver allows you to make any kind of mouse acceleration. So, try it on, and hopefully, it will help you in Valorant!

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How to Use Raw Accel for Valorant


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