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How to Use Mega Tickets in Adventure Capitalist

How to Use Mega Tickets in Adventure Capitalist
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Adventure Capitalist is an incremental casual capitalism simulator game where players start their journey as a Capitalist with just a lemonade stand and squeeze their way to total fiscal domination. And, to fasten up your progress, the game offers different boosts in the form of Tickets that can add a set multiplier to your earnings. 

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Mega Tickets in particular—are Golden Tickets that allow players to boost their investment. It helps you a lot in setting up your empire and with that in mind, we are here to help you by sharing details on how to get and use Mega Tickets in Adventure Capitalist.

How to Use Mega Tickets in Adventure Capitalist

In Adventure Capitalist, to use Mega Tickets, you have to click on the Golden Mega Ticket icon and select the “Boost” option under the investment you want to boost. 

Once an investment is boosted using a Mega Ticket, its color will change to Golden, and the investment will get a permanent x7.77 times boost.  

If you manage to boost all of your investments in a particular planet, the color of the investment changes to Platinum. 

Now the thing is—how to obtain a Mega Ticket in Adventure Capitalist? 

How to Obtain a Mega Ticket in Adventure Capitalist

You can use the Mega Boosts to exchange Gold and Mega Bucks for Meha Ticket. A single Mega Ticket costs 20 Gold or 10 Mega Bucks. So, depending on the availability of both currencies, you can get Mega Tickets. 

We recommend players to buy 10 Mega Tickets at once as doing so will give them a 10% discount. That is with just 180 Gold or 90 Mega Bucks, you get 10 Mega Tickets. 

Adventure Capitalist is currently available on  PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and PC platforms.

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How to Use Mega Tickets in Adventure Capitalist


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