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Stands Awakening is one of the best JoJo games on Roblox. Players can unlock various stands from the popular anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in Stands Awakening. To get specific stands, players will need to obtain different kinds of items. Some items can only be obtained by finding them at designated item spawn points, while others must be bought or acquired through trading with other players. In this guide, we will talk about the Ender Pearl in Stands Awakening and how you can get and use it.

Ender Pearl in Roblox Stands Awakening

Ender Pearl in Stands Awakening

Ender Pearls, a well-known item for its use in teleportation in Minecraft, are present in Stands Awakening but serve a different purpose than in its origin game. Instead of teleporting, players can use Ender Pearls to evolve two stands.

Ender Pearls are used to evolve King Crimson to Ender Crimson and King Crimson: Alternate Universe to Ender Crimson: Alternate Universe. If you are new to Roblox Stands Awakening, you might not know that certain stands have a shiny variant. Ender Crimson and Ender Crimson: Alternate Universe are shiny stands in Stands Awakening.

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Players with King Crimson or King Crimson: Alternate Universe can go into their inventory and use Ender Pearls to evolve their stands into an Enderman-themed variant. Ender Pearls has a 20% chance of spawning every 30 minutes. If you don’t have any Ender Pearl, you can try AFK farming to gain some Ender Pearls.

Ender Crimson and Ender Crimson: Alternate Universe are decent stands in Roblox Stands Awakening. Due to the effect of Ender Pearls, these stands can have abilities similar to endermen from Minecraft. They have quick attacks and teleportation powers to change their position instantly. Fans of both Minecraft and Roblox will definitely love playing with Enderman-esque JoJo stands and abilities in Stands Awakening.

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How to Use Ender Pearl in Stands Awakening – Roblox Guide


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