PUBG New State has finally rolled all across the globe. The much-awaited sequel to Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds is here and players are already getting their squads ready.

Along with the sleazy new cars and trams, drones were a much-teased feature of PUBG New State. It was claimed that players would be able to order items into the battlefield via a drone.

Well, the claims are true, and here’s how you can get some items drone-delivered to you. All you need is some Drone Credits and an isolated place.

PUBG New State: How to Use Drone Credits and Get Drone Orders

While roaming around in Troi or Erangel 2051, you might notice some piles of cash lying around. That’s Drone Credits and you MUST pick it up.

The cash is scattered all over the map. You can get it easily when you’re looting shelters. After finishing a player off, you can get Drone Credits from their crates too.

And now here’s how to use the Drone Credits that you have picked up –

  • Open up the inventory and tap on the ‘Drone’ icon.
  • In this section, you will see a list of items that you can trade for the Drone Credits. Obviously, the useful items are expensive.
PUBG New State Drone shop
Drone Cash and Drone Shop (Image via PUBG New State)
  • Depending on what you want and how much Drone Credits you have, you can select a few items.
  • The selected items will appear on the right.
  • Once you’re done Drone-shopping, click on the ‘Order’ button below the list.
  • The next screen will prompt you to choose a location on the map. Mark a location for the Drone delivery.
Drone delivery in PUBG New State
Drone delivery (Image via PUBG New State)
  • In a few seconds, your ordered items will be delivered by a Drone. You can see the Drone location on the map and you will also see a Drone Package in the sky emitting blue smoke.
Drone in PUBG New State
Drone Package (Image via PUBG New State)
  • Once the package is dropped, you can run over to the spot and unlock it.

Be careful while you make your way to the package. Other players might take this as an opportunity to ambush you.

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How to Use Drone Credits in PUBG New State


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