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How to Use Decouplers in Kerbal Space Program 2

How to Use Decouplers in Kerbal Space Program 2

In the second iteration of Kerbal Space Program, decouplers are a crucial part of every rocket. They make it possible to separate the many stages of your rocket and remove unwanted parts, lowering the rocket’s weight and facilitating the achievement of your chosen orbit or trajectory. On this page, you’ll find information on how to use decouplers in Kerbal Space Program 2. Read more below!

Decoupler is sometimes used as a general term for both “decouplers” and “separators,” which are both types of staging devices that work in the same way.

In Kerbal Space Program 2, utilize decouplers as follows:

  • The first step is to create your rocket. Where you wish to divide the rocket stages, add the decoupler. Decouplers are often positioned between two rocket stages.
  • When you have positioned your decoupler, you may add components to your rocket’s upper stage. Engines, gasoline tanks, and other items that you’ll need on your mission might be among these components.
  • Choose the decoupler and configure it by selecting the direction in which you want the stages to be separated. There are two types of ejection forces available: radial and perpendicular. The stages will be forced apart from one another by radial ejection forces, whereas perpendicular ejection forces will move the stages apart in a perpendicular direction.
  • You should test your rocket before launching it to make sure the decouplers are functioning properly. Activate the decoupler to separate the rocket stages and then move to the staging view to do this. If everything is functioning properly, you ought to witness the spent stage detach from your rocket.
  • Fire your rocket after testing it. When you climb, turn on the decoupler when you get to the right altitude or speed to throw out the first stage. By doing this, you may lighten the weight of your rocket and accelerate it toward the orbit or direction you choose.

Due to their physical properties, decouplers and separators may be used as a kind of propulsion, albeit this is seldom done for practical purposes. These guns are often used to stage battles between opposing forces and are known as segregator cannons. It is possible to use the “decoupler force” generated by a decoupler or separator to propel an object. This “decoupler rocket’s” altitude or speed acquired through separation is proportional to the product of its explosive force and payload mass.

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Decouplers, in general, are an essential part of every rocket in the Kerbal Space Program 2. Your rocket’s stages may be separated, allowing you to remove extra weight and more effectively complete your mission goals.

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How to Use Decouplers in Kerbal Space Program 2


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