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How to Use Caramel Arrow Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Use Caramel Arrow Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

With the latest update, Cookie Run: Kingdom fans were greeted by the long-awaited Caramel Arrow Cookie. The Ranged Cookie is quite powerful and performs scathing attacks with her twin blades, which turn into a bow.

The damage she deals makes her directly comparable with the Sorbet Shark Cookie. Due to some minor differences, Sorbet Shark deals a bit more damage; however, Caramel Arrow Cookie has a quick 10-second cooldown.

Caramel Arrow Cookie and the Arrow of Resolution

Caramel Arrow’s special attack is the “Arrow of Resolution.” When activated, her twin blades flip into a bow, and she leaves some arrow marks on enemy Cookies. The marks explode as she rushes toward the enemies.

The damage dealt by the explosions is proportionate to the enemy’s max HP and is capped at 300,000.

Caramel Arrow Cookie is immune to debuffs while she’s in her ‘Ranged’ attack mode. She is also resistant to interrupting effects during the ranged attack.

How to Get Caramel Arrow Cookie

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To get Caramel Arrow Cookie, you have to keep drawing from the Featured Cookie Gacha. There’s a strong chance that you might get the Cookie’s soulstones or unlock the Cookie. For this, you need to save up your Crystals and Magic Cookie Cutters.

The Arena medal shop might get Caramel Arrow Cookie soulstone. In case the soulstone does show up there, make sure you have enough medals.

Best Toppings for Caramel Arrow Cookie

To make the new Cookie powerful, you can top it up with a combination of Searing Raspberry and Solid Almond. As she would be fighting in the front position, she’ll be impacted by foe’s attacks often. To shield her better, you’ll need 2x or 3x Solid Almond along with Searing Raspberry.

For faster attacks, you can equip the Caramel Arrow Cookie with 5x Swift Chocolate. And if you want high damage resistance, you can equip full 5x Solid Almond toppings.

Tips on How to Use Caramel Arrow Cookie

cookie run kindgom
Image via Cookie Run Kingdom

Caramel Arrow Cookie is a Ranged Cookie, but unlike other Ranged Cookies, she takes position at the front. So she will be fighting alongside your Charge Cookies. You can pair her up with Tea Knight Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, or any other powerful charge Cookie.

To shield Caramel Arrow Cookie and your Front Row Cookies better, you can try adding a Summoner Cookie to your squad. For instance, Pumpkin Pie Cookie’s Pompon or Snow Sugar Cookie’s Blizzard King will shield your Front Row Cookies from damage.

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How to Use Caramel Arrow Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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