How to Upgrade Your Car in Tuning Club Online

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Tuning Club Online is a great racing game where you can choose from many game modes and compete against your friends or other random players. Also, an important part of the gameplay is the modernization, tuning, and upgrade of your car, and that’s what we’ll talk about in today’s article.

How to Upgrade Your Car in Tuning Club Online

Before you start upgrading your car, you need to earn some in-game currency, as well as get details to update your car. You need to buy and open various boxes in the in-game store and get details from them. To do this, you will need cases and gold.

Also, you need to earn more silver, as you will need it for the visual tuning of your car.

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When you have saved up enough money and got some good parts, you can start upgrading:

  • You need to go to the garage and select the car you want to upgrade.
  • After that, you immediately see several parameters on the car that you can tune: Accessory, Body, Rims, SIde, Spoiler, Back. By pressing these buttons, you will move to different parts of your car, and by spending some silver, you can change its appearance.
  • In the garage, you will also need to buy a few tools that are around your car. You need to do this to change the components of your car.
  • After purchasing all the mechanisms, you can use the details that you received from the cases and install them on your car.
  • At the bottom, you will see several tabs. With Paint Body, you can paint your car in different colors and apply cool prints. There are also tabs used to which you can change the color and shape of the headlights and a few more parameters.
  • All settings can be changed and adjusted to a different game mode.

This is the main thing you need to know about upgrading your car. You can go to the garage and explore in more detail, and then let your imagination run wild and create the best car that will be perfect for you.

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How to Upgrade Your Car in Tuning Club Online


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