Monster Hunter Rise

Among the weapon types available in Monster Hunter Rise, there are a few that do not feel very conventional. Among them is the Insect Glaive, a weapon that made its debut in Monster Hunter World and returned in Monster Hunter Rise in a new and improved form that makes it extremely fun to use.

Kinsects are the heart and soul of the Insect Glaive, allowing the wielder to enjoy all sorts of buffs. Buffs that are even better once you upgrade the Kinsects themselves.

Here’s how to upgrade Kinsects in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Upgrade Kinsects In Monster Hunter Rise

Kinsects themselves cannot be directly upgraded in Monster Hunter Rise. Each Insect Glaive in the game comes with an additional stat called Kinsect which determines how strong the Kinsects will be. The higher the stats, the higher their level will be. By upgrading your favorite weapon, you will be able to improve the Kinsect stat, and thus make your little helper even stronger.

All Kinsects In Monster Hunter Rise

Here’s the full list of the Kinsects available in Monster Hunter Rise and how they help you on the field with their special bonus.

  • Alucanid – Dual Color (Defense)
  • Arkmaiden – Idle Stamina Recovery Up
  • Bonnetfille – Dual Color (Speed)
  • Bullshroud – Charged Chain Attack
  • Cancadaman – Auto Attack Frequency Up
  • Carnage Beetle – Dual Color (Attack)
  • Culldrone – Bonus Heal
  • Empresswing – Dual Color (Speed)
  • Foebeetle – Dual Color (Defense)
  • Fiddlebrix – Idle Stamina Recovery Up
  • Grancathar – Charged Chain Attack
  • Gullshad – Triple Up Time
  • Ladypavise – Auto-Attack Frequency Up
  • Ladytarge – Slowed Stamina Use
  • Mauldrone – Bonus Heal
  • Monarch Alucanid – Dual Color (Attack)
  • Pseudocanth – Fast Charge
  • Rigiprayne – Slowed Stamina Use
  • Windchopper – Triple Up Time
  • Whispervesp – Fast Charge

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