How to Level up Fast in Township

Welcome to Township, the game that allows you to become the founder of your town! You will have to do a lot of stuff: grow farms, construct factories and sell the products you’ve made. To upgrade the factories, the Academy of Industry is required. You’ll be able to settle up the Academy once you have reached level 22 of the game.

What Are the Pros of Upgrading Factories?

Leveled up factories reduce the time needed for making the products by up to 50%, and that’s a great advantage as the game progresses and the needed time rises (stuff available to produce past the level 30+ usually need >2 hours).

Each factory can be raised to a specific number of levels, which is revealed in the star-like sign. Every level up enables a +5% to coins or XP earned, a -5% time reduction, or a +1 shelf increase. Though specific upgrades may be unavailable at some levels.

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How to Upgrade the Factory?

Click on the Academy to open a window with a record of factories to level up. You can see the current level of a factory in the star-like sign. Click on the Factory Upgrade sign to open a certain level-up in the Academy. Choose the upgrade you wish to accomplish. Claim your choice by selecting an attribute to improve. 

The following attributes may be upgraded by using ingots:

  • The money you earn while selling the factory-made products at the helicopter pad.
  • The number of experience points you get for developing stuff.
  • Time for production goods (it decreases).
  • The number of shelves that are ready for the newly made product (you may receive an additional shelf).

Higher factory levels contain more attributes to be raised. Make sure to improve various attributes to get access to available level-ups at the Academy of Industry. Certain level-ups need varied numbers of ingots, which you may get at the Foundry.

We hope that our article was helpful. Take care and play & have fun!

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