The Weird Wild West RPG introduces a host of character upgrades that really make the adventure easier to follow. Consider how to improve weapons in Weird West, since this is necessary for the development of the protagonist. 

Weird West Weapon Upgrade Guide

Before you improve your weapons, pay attention to the available levels. The first remains conventional weapons, the second – copper, the third – silver, the last – gold. This is the top option that you need to strive for to progress through the game. You can only level up one level at a time.

Walking through different locations and fighting enemies, you collect fragments of gold, silver, and copper. These items serve as consumables intended for upgrading. Explore chests (some need to be opened), pick up loot from defeated opponents, or mine using a pickaxe.

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How to Upgrade Weapons in Weird West? Tips

To further improve weapons, visit a blacksmith. His forge is found in many cities, marked on the map by the symbol of the anvil and hammer. Nearby, there may be a saloon and other establishments that are useful to visit and explore. Fortunately, the assortment is big, and the choice of goods is huge.

By taping on the forge, you will open a separate window with an interface. Select an item and see information about the necessary consumables, and if they are available in the inventory, you can confirm the action. The improvement is applied in a few seconds, and the process is automated. Similarly, the crafting of useful goods is carried out.

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How to Upgrade and Craft in Weird West on Steam Deck


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