How to Unlock Weapons and Skills in Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest

Dark Nemesis

Dark Nemesis is a bold blend of PvE and PvP elements set in an expansive multi-dimensional universe, where deadly foes lurk around every corner. The game’s Battle Royale mode puts heroes to the test in a massive war that only ends when one player remains.

Published by Nuverse Limited, this online multiplayer Battle Royale game was released for Android and iOS on March 15, 2022. The game has already received a lot of positive reviews and players are learning about the new game mechanics every day.

Today we will be talking about some of the game’s features, especially all of the arsenal of weapons and skills in the game.


  • A 3D Journey Through the Multiverse: Players can enjoy the immersive dark fantasy world with stunning graphics, epic 3D effects, and exquisite characters by unlocking and indulging in mysterious parallel worlds.
  • Breathtaking, Action-packed Boss Fights: Fighting legendary dark bosses will lead to the player becoming the strongest Peacekeeper. Players can also play as 4 unique classes with special skills and indulge in fast-paced action battles.
  • Real-time Massive PVP Battles: The game provides battles on a massive scale and war takes place in real-time. Players can also join time-limited Battle Royale with hundreds of players. This mode allows players to fight until they are the last one standing.
  • Team Up and Defend Your Guild: Players can also team up in the core gameplay PVP Battleground and build their strongest team to achieve glory. Everyone comes together in a guild and grows alongside each other through daily missions and time-limited Treasure Dungeons. Guildmates can also embark on adventures together to get abundant resources.
  • Level Up Your Spirit, Wings, and Companions: Players can boost their BP (Battle Power) with hundreds of Spirit, Wings, and Companions.

Of these features, we shine the spotlight on the weapons and skills in-game and how to unlock them.

Unlocking Weapons and Skills

The game provides players with a variety of weapons and skills. Each of them is different for each of the four classes.

To unlock skills in the game, players need to progress through the story quest. As the player completes levels and progresses through the story, more and more skills are unlocked, up to an initial limit of 6 different skills. These can be further enhanced later in the game, with more variations thrown in with classes.

As far as weapons and any other gear go, the starting Green-tier set can be acquired through clearing story quests. Most of the other weapons and gear can be acquired by completing more quests, some via side quests and the others using real money to purchase the highest tier of weapons.

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How to Unlock Weapons and Skills in Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest


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