Hitman 3

Hitman 3 features an engaging story that serves as an amazing backdrop for all the stealth and assassination action, and the ending is satisfying enough for all those who have played the previous two entries in the series.

There is, however, a secret ending that is quite interesting, as it seems to tie the game with the oldest entries in the series. To unlock this ending, you will have to force yourself to do something that the real Agent 47 probably wouldn’t.

Before we proceed further in detailing how to unlock the Hitman 3 secret ending, we have to warn you that there will be massive spoilers ahead, so stop reading if you haven’t reached the game’s final mission yet.

How To Unlock The Secret Ending

The secret ending in Hitman 3 is unlocked directly in the final stage of the game. In this stage, Agent 47 will find himself on board of a Providence train, giving you the chance to execute every employee found on it.

At the end of the stage, you will find yourself face to face with the Constant, who seems resigned to his fate. He will, however, attempt to save his life by making an offer to Agent 47: by injecting the offered serum into himself, Agent 47 will forget everything that has happened and surrender to his true nature. Agent 47 will refuse, and you will be able to terminate the Constant with a variety of different options. But if you wait for a short while without picking one, you will be given yet another choice.

To get the regular ending, you just have to terminate the Constant. To unlock the secret ending, you have to accept the offer by the Constant. The secret ending is extremely rewarding, especially if you have played the series’ very first entry. By unlocking the secret ending, you will also unlock the A New Father feat.


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