One of the most incredible action shooter games of all time, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, is receiving a re-release on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. And with that, we have new mechanics, some returning ones like the Dolphin Dive, nuanced features like the Gunsmith 2.0, UI changes, Mini-Map changes, and many other things. With Gunsmith 2.0, unlocking new weapons like the MP5 SMG is daunting as players don’t know what to do, including how to unlock the MP5 in COD MW2. 

How to Unlock the MP5 in COD MW2

To unlock the MP5 submachine gun in MW2, players must level up the Lachman-556 assault rifle to Level 13. Once done, players will unlock the MP5 receiver attachment that players can equip in the Lachmann to make it MP5. Well yeah! This is how the new Gunsmith 2.0 lets you unlock new weapons in MW2. 

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We tested the above method of unlocking the MP5 on the MW2 beta. We hope the final game will also have the same process of unlocking the MP5. The beta doesn’t let you equip the Lachman-556 assault rifle from the get-go. As a result, players find it hard to unlock the MP5 in MW2.

But there is a trick using Custom Loadouts that will give you access to the Lachman-556 assault rifle in the MW2 beta. First, reach Rank 4 in MW 2 multiplayer and unlock the Custom Loadout feature. After that, go to Loadout and select the Hunter Stalker loadout. Now, change the primary weapon to Expedite 12 Shotgun.

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Once that is done! Select a perk package that offers the Overkill Base Perk. Doing so will automatically add the Lachman-556 assault rifle in your Loadout that you can use during matches and level up to 13 to unlock the MP5. 

This is how you unlock the MP5 submachine gun in MW2. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. 

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How to Unlock the MP5 in COD MW2


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