How to Unlock the Moon in Theotown 

How to Unlock the Moon in Theotown 

In TheoTown you can manage not only single towns on the Earth but colonize the Moon and be a space mayor. It’s very interesting but requires a large amount of time and resources. So, you should be well prepared for it.

How to Colonize the Moon in Theotown

When you are on Earth, build a space command and a launch station, with which you need to do some rockets tests. When you have this done, start the first mission and wait until the drivers deliver 1000 supplies to the station, the mission you started cannot be done without this. Therefore, it is better to have a launch station near the industries and have fast connection roads between both objects. To lend on the moon you need to complete 4 missions, so, make sure to have enough supplies. 18500 to complete all missions.

After you have done it you will have a message from The Pickle that rocks land successfully and you can live on the moon. At the start, you will get 10 million upfront, but prices are so high that you have to spend money wisely, also, there are no loans. The only way to earn money is by destroying shiny rocks, which give 75k. So, you should build these buildings to continue colonizing the Moon.

  1. Space command and basic supplies for it to work
  2. Mining station about the blue or green rocks(gives 100k and 300k once a month). However, do not mine green, you will need it later
  3. Build a spaceport and here you need to export helium 3 to the earth to unlock 2 new builds
  4. Build more mining stations to increase your income

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How to Unlock the Moon in Theotown 


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