Bravely Default II

Bravely Default II features a vast selection of Jobs that let players customize the four main characters with different abilities. Most of the Jobs are unlocked by simply playing the game and progress the story, but some of them must be unlocked by completing side-qeusts.

The Bravebearer is among the most useful Jobs in the game, but you will not be able to make much use of it if you plan to play through the game only once without unlocking the True Ending, as this Job can be unlocked only after completing the game at least once.

How To Unlock The Bravebearer In Bravely Default II

After completing Bravely Default II at least once, you will have to load your clear save. You will be back at the last save point before the final boss. From here, go back to the Valley of Sighs dungeon in Harmonia. Get to the end of the dungeon, then take the path to where the gravestone is located, the same one Sloan wanted to check out the first time through the dungeon.

Interact with the gravestone, and you will get into a fight with the Hero of Light. Defeat him in battle and you will be able to turn any of your characters into a Bravebearer, a Job that wields skills and abilities that were thought to be lost. This Job’s abilities will be a big help to the challenges that you will face ahead to unlock the True Ending.

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