How to Unlock Stroll in Purrfect Tale

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Unlocking Stroll will take some time to accomplish; not because it is tough in any sort of way, but simply because there is quite a bit of main game content that you have to get through before you can use the Stroll feature.

How to Unlock Stroll in Purrfect Tale

If you are wondering about the Stroll feature, it is more likely than not that you have completed quite the few story mode (Journal) chapters. What you need to do is make sure you unlock Act 2, Chapter 7 in order to start using Stroll.

In order to unlock Act 2, Chapter 7: Acquaintance, you will need to get 50 hearts. Once you have accomplished that, go back home and scroll down until you find “Map.” On the signboard outside your home, tap on the map, and then tap on stroll. There you go! You can now use the Stroll feature as and when you please.

After clicking on Stroll, you will be taken to a new location where you can meet all sorts of animals. Your job is to attract these animals with scrumptious food on any one of the four empty slots. Simply tap on “Storage” and then tap and hold a food item, dragging it to an empty slot.

After placing the food, you will have to wait for an animal to eat it. Placing a certain animal’s favorite food will increase the likelihood of attracting that specific animal. However, keep in mind that no animal will instantly get attracted to the food; some animals and birds arrive during specific times of the day, which adds another element of strategy when using the Stroll feature.

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How to Unlock Stroll in Purrfect Tale


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