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How to Unlock Signs of Fragmentum in Honkai Star Rail

How to Unlock Signs of Fragmentum in Honkai Star Rail
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If a group chat has ever gotten you into some trouble, you will feel right at home with the Signs of Fragmentum side quest in Honkai: Star Rail. This game is full of additional missions that you can do for different rewards, and we think that such an amount of content is amazing.

Signs of Fragmentum is a series of Adventure Missions in Honkai: Star Rail where you have to figure out ways to fight Fragmentum on the Herta Space Station. If you’re wondering how to unlock the Signs of Fragmentum quest in Honkai: Star Rail, this is the guide for you.

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How to Unlock the Signs of Fragmentum Quest in Honkai: Star Rail

The Signs of Fragmentum quest starts with you receiving a message in Madam Herta’s Heritor Club group chat on your phone. You will get the information that the area around the Special Purpose Lab has been closed off and that there are signs of the Legion and Fragmentum.

You will, then, need to head to the storage zone and get more info by talking to Asta investigators. You can teleport to the Space Anchor outside the Control Center as it is the closest to the quest marker.

The Security Department member will instruct you to collect the beacon data necessary for restarting terminal devices and fighting Fragmentum corrosion. That kicks off Signs of Fragmentum – Difficulty I.

How to Complete the Signs of Fragmentum Quest in Honkai: Star Rail

To finish the first segment of the Signs of Fragmentum quest in Honkai: Star Rail, you will have to get the beacon data from four Wubbaboos. You need to scan them with the device you receive at the beginning of the quest. Some of them are easy to spot, but some gave us quite a challenge.

Here are the map and instructions on where to find all four Wubbaboos in Signs of Fragmentum:

Beacon locations in Signs of Fragmentum in Honkai: Star Rail
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  • Wubbaboo 1: right at the beginning of the mission, close to the maintenance staff member, northeast of your starting position
  • Wubbaboo 2: continue straight and turn left, go up the stairs, and look to your right at the intersection; Wubbaboo is hiding behind a plant, but you can scan it from afar without alerting the nearby enemy
  • Wubbaboo 3: go back in the opposite direction and follow the corridor into a room, where you can find the next Wubbaboo hiding behind one of the black boxes on the left side
  • Wubbaboo 4: head back to the main area where you started the mission, but look up above the doorway before you leave the main corridor—this Wubbaboo is super easy to miss

The only thing left to do is to talk to the maintenance staff member and give him scanned data to complete the Signs of Fragmentum quest. We hope you have fun with it, and if you get stuck in some other part of the game, consult one of our helpful guides in the dedicated Honkai: Star Rail section here on TouchTapPlay!

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How to Unlock Signs of Fragmentum in Honkai Star Rail


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