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How to Solve Fool’s Box Puzzle in Honkai Star Rail – Puzzle Solution

How to Solve Fool’s Box Puzzle in Honkai Star Rail – Puzzle Solution
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Game puzzles that require you to move boxes around until you get them to the needed position can be fun but also quite frustrating as they get more complex. You usually start simple, but if the puzzle grows more complex and involves three or more boxes, you might get a headache from trying to figure it all out way too easily.

The Vessel of Mediocrity quest in Honkai: Star Rail features one such puzzle that comes in three parts with increasing difficulty. In this guide, we show you how to solve the Fool’s Box puzzle in Honkai: Star Rail the easy way.

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How to Solve the Fool’s Box Puzzle (Part 1) in Honkai: Star Rail

The first part of the puzzle has two segments, and they’re quite simple. In the first segment, you only have two boxes to move around. You can approach the box from the right side and push it to the designated space. Then, push the second box down for one field and then move it to the left, just like the first one.

The second segment is a bit more complex but still easy. Move the only box in the second row all the way to the right, and then you will be able to move the last box from the first row up into the position. Then, you can push the first box down for one field. Approach the left remaining box from above and move it one field down so that you can push the adjacent box to the right into the required space. Now, you can easily move the last box to the right and down and complete the puzzle.

How to Solve the Fool’s Box Puzzle (Part 2) in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail The Fool's Box Part 2 (puzzle 1)
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

When you meet Cyrille again and start The Vessel of Mediocrity Part 2, you will also have to deal with two puzzle segments. The first one may look complicated, but it is actually quite easy. You just have to move the misplaced boxes in the counterclockwise direction like in the image above.

Honkai: Star Rail The Fool's Box Part 2 Puzzle 2
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

For the second puzzle, use the image above to deal with the first three boxes. Once you move them accordingly, you will have three boxes left in one column. Move the middle one to the right so you can push the bottom box down. Then, return the middle box all the way to the left yellow field, and do the same for the very first box you moved to complete the puzzle.

How to Solve the Fool’s Box Puzzle (Part 3) in Honkai: Star Rail

You will start Part 3 of The Vessel of Mediocrity when you meet Cyrille’s phantom in Belobog. There’s only one segment for this puzzle, and it features just three boxes, but it is deceivingly difficult.

Start by moving the single box on the left two fields up. Then, move the lower remaining box all the way to the left. Bring the first box you moved one field back down, and then move the adjacent box one field down as well. Push the only box that is now in the yellow square to the right, and then move the box on the left two fields up (so it’s nestled between two yellow squares). Then, maneuver the other two boxes like in the image below:

Honkai: Star Rail the Fool's Box part 3 puzzle
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

From there, approach the uppermost box from above and push it one field down into the yellow square. Go down to the only box that is not in a yellow square at the moment and push it to the right so that you can access the box above it and push it into the upper yellow square. Now you just need to return the remaining box to its previous position and move it up into the remaining yellow square.

There you have it—you’re finally done with The Fool’s Box puzzles in Honkai: Star Rail! Enjoy your rewards and check out more useful guides in our dedicated Honkai: Star Rail section!

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How to Solve Fool’s Box Puzzle in Honkai Star Rail – Puzzle Solution


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