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How to Unlock Robomando Fast in Risk of Rain Returns | Tips & Guide

How to Unlock Robomando Fast in Risk of Rain Returns | Tips & Guide
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Robomando is one of the many hidden characters in Risk of Rain Returns, and he’s also the silliest. This guy is quite the ordeal to unlock, so you might need some help with him. Here is how to unlock Robomando fast in Risk of Rain Returns.

Unlocking Robomando in Risk of Rain Returns

Robomando is one of the 15 playable characters in Risk of Rain Returns. He is arguably the most complex character to unlock, as unlocking him requires specific actions spread across two different playthroughs of the game. Though it sounds like a long journey, unlocking Robomando fast is actually not that hard to do, as long as you perform all the necessary steps.

Before you start, we recommend bringing some friends with you on your journey to unlock Robomando. Friends can make the process a lot easier, and all players unlock him once you’re done. If you don’t have anyone to play with, you can at least change the intensity rules to make things easier.

Unlocking Robomando: First playthrough

Start a new run on the Drizzle difficulty. Play through the game as normal until you get to the fifth level, the Temple of the Elders.

On either the far west or east edge of the map, there’s an inconspicuous brown pot. For us, it was on the far west side. In order to reach it, you have to get up to the top of the large building and fall down to the side. This requires a lot of movement items and abilities, so make sure to find some Hopoo Feathers and Rusty Jetpacks. Break the pot open to find a unique equipment called Strange Battery.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Using the Strange Battery with your equipment button seems to do nothing, so let’s keep moving for now. Head to the final level, Risk of Rain. As you’re fighting through the ship, be sure to save at least one Keycard.

When you get to the UES Contact Light’s central chamber, go down the ladder and to the east to reach the Cabin. Unlock the door using one of your Keycards, then go out the breach on the east side.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Once you’re out of the breach, you quickly come face to face with the edge of a cliff. While it looks like a bottomless abyss, there’s actually a secret cave here. Run off the cliff and hug the side of the cliff, then jump when you see an opening to reach the cave.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

This hidden cave contains some golems enjoying their boombox music. They’re peaceful, so don’t worry about having to fight. Instead, look to the left to find a secret tunnel.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Jump across the platforms to find a strange looking chest asking for equipment. Go next to the chest and interact with it to deposit your Strange Battery, causing the chest to warp out.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

You’re done with the first playthrough now, so finish off Providence if you want, or simply die. However, do not exit to the title through the pause menu, as this doesn’t save your progress!

Unlocking Robomando: Second playthrough

Start a new run on any difficulty that isn’t Drizzle. If you play on Drizzle for your next run, a key component won’t appear correctly, so make sure to pick at least Rainstorm.

When you get to the second level, no matter what map it is, explore around until you find that same strange chest that took your Strange Battery. Pay the fee to open it and find the Strange Battery once more. Finish level 2 as normal.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

This next part is crucial, so pay attention.

Once you find the teleporter in the third level, go ahead and activate it to fight the boss, but don’t actually teleport just yet. Wait until the run timer is between 22:00 and 22:59, then take the teleporter.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

In the fourth level, if you’ve done everything correctly so far, there should be a hidden room with a buried drone somewhere in the map. It doesn’t matter if your fourth level is Magma Barracks or Hive Cluster—the room is there somewhere. Explore the whole map while keeping an eye out for the green drone arrow.

Once you find the hidden room, look closely, and you will notice that the drone looks a bit different, as it’s got a red dot on its head. Find your way in and activate the drone to reveal Robomando.

Robomando attacks you on sight, but do NOT fight back. Killing Robomando here messes up the process, forcing you to start over. In fact, you have to die here, sadly. Let Robomando or the area’s enemies kill you, and end your run.

You have now officially unlocked Robomando! If you’re curious, the process of unlocking Robomando is revealed by deciphering travel log IDs found in the survivor logs database. The Risk of Rain Returns community put their heads together to solve this giant puzzle.

How to edit saves and unlock Robomando fast

If you don’t want to go through the process of unlocking Robomando, you can actually edit your Risk of Rain Returns save file to unlock him fast, if you’re playing the Steam version. Thanks to Steam user UnknownDisplay for figuring out how to edit Risk of Rain Returns’ save files.

First, navigate to Steam’s directory and go into the “userdata” folder. Open the folder with a name that consists of a 10-digit number—this is your Steam profile ID. Next, find Risk of Rain Returns‘ data folder, which should be named “1337520”. Open it, then open the “remote” folder. An example directory would look something like this:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\1234567890\1337520\remote

Inside the “remote” folder, there should be a “save.json” file. Open it with your favorite text editor, and you should see a giant wall of text. Using the editor’s find function, search for a phrase that says “flags”. Everything that comes after this is how the game tracks your unlocks, so copy and paste the following code:

  • “challenge_unlock_gasolіne_completed”

Ensure that the code is placed between other flags properly, meaning there should be a comma before and after the double quotes. If you wrote the code correctly, Robomando should be unlocked in-game. If it doesn’t work, double-check your save.json and ensure that your code isn’t broken in any spots.

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How to Unlock Robomando Fast in Risk of Rain Returns | Tips & Guide