How to Unlock Pumpkin Pie Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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Pumpkin Pie Cookie is here at last, just in time for Halloween! Announced only recently, along with exciting news about costumes for some of the other Cookies, this epic-rarity Cookie is now the featured Cookie for a limited time. Find out below how to unlock this sweetheart of the spooky season.

How to Unlock Pumpkin Pie Cookie

Pumpkin Pie Cookie is in the Featured Cookie Gacha for a limited time (via Cookie Run: Kingdom)

Pumpkin Pie Cookie is the Featured Cookie for 20 days after her initial release on October 28th. In the Featured Cookie gacha there is a higher chance of obtaining Pumpkin Pie Cookie or her soulstone. The probabilities are 1.440% (0.082% in the regular gacha) for drawing Pumpkin Pie herself, or 8.2% (0.469% in the regular gacha) for drawing her soulstone. Each pull costs 300 crystals, or one special Cookie Cutter.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie’s Soulstone (via Cookie Run: Kingdom)

Pumpkin Pie Cookie is a epic rarity, magic-class Cookie whose default position is in the middle of her team. Her skill is Pompon, Help! where she calls upon her friend Pompon to grow into a giant and leap out in front to deal melee damage. Pompon damages up to 3 enemies and applies a non-stackable debuff. They also increase the ATK SPD by 45% of all allies, including any allied creatures- very useful!

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Summoning Pompon brings a 44.4% ATK (+0.61% ATK per level), 188% DEF, and 382.3% HP. Strike ATK DMG is 170%, while the healing received is at -70% for 3s. Pompon has an 18s cooldown.

This much-awaited Cookie is bound to be a real favourite for anyone lucky enough to unlock her in the gacha! Go get her now in the Featured Cookie gacha, while the odds are increased.

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How to Unlock Pumpkin Pie Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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