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How to Unlock Museum Event in Honkai Star Rail

How to Unlock Museum Event in Honkai Star Rail
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The latest event in Honkai Star Rail puts you into a role unlike anything you’ve done before in the game. If you’ve been playing Mihoyo’s latest title, you’ve probably had your share of adventures. Now it’s time to put aside the story and the side quests though because the museum event is here. In the Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities, the trailblazer is in charge of managing the newly renovated Belobog museum. Complete objectives, follow the storyline, and recruit friends to help in this new event. In order to access the fun, you need to have reached certain milestones in the game. This is how to unlock the museum event in Honkai Star Rail.

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What You Need To Unlock The Museum Event

The two basic requirements for accessing the museum event are to be at a trailblazer level of at least 21 and to have finished the mission Jarilo-VI – Silent Galaxy. This is a little complicated because accessing Silent Galaxy requires a significantly higher trailblazer level than 21, so we’ll explain what the best course of action is.

How To Boost Your Trailblazer Level In Honkai Star Rail

Pom Pom with the trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail.
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A great way to boost your trailblazer level is go back to previous areas of the game and complete any side quests you might have missed. The Herta Space Station has a lot that give a good chunk of experience points when completed. You can access these by wandering around and talking to characters or checking the messaging app on your phone. Make sure to also open any chests you see throughout the game, as these offer a small amount of experience points as well. Jarilo has many as well. These quests have valuable rewards and help you get to know characters better.

How To Use The Calyx In Honkai Star Rail

The other way to level up fast is to do challenges in the calyx nodes. Those are the gold and black objects occasionally found on the map. In these, you can face waves of enemies in multiple numbers of your choosing in order to collect rewards and HP. The more you battle in one sitting, the greater your rewards will be. Make sure that if you do heavy challenges, your characters are properly leveled for them!

The Full Requirements To Unlock The Museum Event

Once you get to trailblazer level 24, you can do In The Sweltering Morning Sun, the section which contains the Silent Galaxy quest. It’s the last part of Jarilo’s main story, finishing that entire arc. Therefore, speaking on a technicality, you need to have completed the entire first chapter in order to unlock the Museum event.

The event runs until the 26th, so you have plenty of time to play through the game and unlock it.

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How to Unlock Museum Event in Honkai Star Rail