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Honkai Star Rail Museum Event – Why Is My Stat Bar Red?

Honkai Star Rail Museum Event – Why Is My Stat Bar Red?
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The Belobog History and Culture Museum is officially open for business, and they want you to be the head curator. Yes, that means you, Trailblazer! You can add lost exhibits that you find during your journey across the stars, but you also need to manage the museum itself, including its stats. Wondering why your museum stat bars are red? We have the answers here in our Honkai Star Rail museum event guide.

Why are the museum stats red in the Honkai Star Rail museum event?

The Everwinter City Museum Ledge of Curiosities limited time puts you in charge of the Belobog museum. One of the most important factors of running the museum is expanding exhibit halls and managing the staff.

At your museum’s overview, you can see three main stats that affect your RevitaScore: tour duration, educational value, and visitor appeal. These stats influence how satisfied your guests are with the museum, and in turn, how much RevitaScore you earn during operational hours.

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When you are first starting the museum event, you may notice that your stat bars are red. Before you can start management for the day, you must hire the appropriate assistants to hit the minimum requirements. If you do not meet the minimum stats, the bars will turn red to warn you.

In order to fix your stats, you need to change up your assistants. Up to three assistants can be placed for the day, and each one has their own stats. Try to pick the assistants that have the stats you need. For example, Lila has 52 tour duration, 14 educational value, and 30 visitor appeal, which is great if you require more tour duration. The rarer assistants have significantly better stats.

After a successful day, you earn Development Funds, a currency used exclusively for this event. Development Funds can be used to hire new assistants, which is how you expand your staff size.

Eventually, once your museum gets up and running, you can start upgrading exhibition areas. This increases the potential RevitaScore you can earn, but it also increases the stat minimums at the same time. You will need to prepare accordingly to ensure your museum is running in tip-top shape.

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Honkai Star Rail Museum Event – Why Is My Stat Bar Red?