Cookie Run: Kingdom has a lot of production buildings and the number just keeps bloating as you level up. The Jellyberry Orchard is one of the production buildings that come into play later in the game.

The Jellyberry Orchard produces Jellyberries which suspiciously resemble raspberries. As you level up, a lot of wishes on the tree and train for the Jellyberries. So here’s how you can unlock the Jellyberry Orchard in the game.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Get and Use Jellyberry Orchard

The Jellyberry Orchard becomes available in the build list right after you upgrade your Cookie Castle to level 4. You can then buy and build the Orchard in your kingdom. The construction costs 11,000 coins and takes 40 minutes to build.

jellyberry orchard in cookie run kingdom
Jellyberry Orchard in Cookie Run: Kingdom

After the construction is finished, you can start producing berries at 500 coins per piece. As you level up, you can produce baskets and crates of berries. It has three production slots and you can unlock additional slots with crystals.

jellyberry orchard
Jellyberry Orchard production

The maximum that you can upgrade the Jellyberry Orchard is to level 3. You can install an additional Jellyberry Orchard when you upgrade your Cookie Castle to level 10.

Jellyberries are not used in many recipes or production. Most of the time, you will be fulfilling wishes or be loading the Jellyberries on the train. You can keep 3 stacks of 50 Jellyberries ready and then will last you for quite a while.

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How to Unlock Jellyberry Orchard in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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