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How to Unlock Insane Difficulty in Outlast Trials

How to Unlock Insane Difficulty in Outlast Trials
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Insane is not only the name for one of the difficulty levels in Outlast Trials—it is also an adjective that could very well describe your mental state after completing all trials in this game on these settings. Or at least, it used to be. As Outlast Trials went from closed beta to early access, the developers introduced several changes to how the game works.

Besides enemies with more advanced AI, the new concept of Murkoff Programs, the introduction of Rebirth and freedom tokens, the early access version of the game changed how difficulty settings work. If you’re unsure how to unlock Insane difficulty in Outlast Trials, we’re here to give you all the answers.

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How to Unlock Insane Difficulty in Outlast Trials

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Image by Red Barrels

For better or for worse, you cannot change difficulty levels in Outlast Trials any longer. In the previous version, the game offered four options—Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane. Completing a trial on one difficulty setting would open up the opportunity to repeat the trial on more difficult settings. Therefore, to unlock the Insane difficulty level, you needed to complete trials on Hard.

However, the early access update removed difficulty selection from the game, which means that you cannot unlock the Insane difficulty anymore. Now, the difficulty increases by default as you progress through Murkoff Programs. The developers also introduced Trial Variators which change aspects of the same trial when you revisit it through different programs and increase the overall difficulty to make the same trial more challenging. You can see the Variators while you’re selecting a specific trial in a Program.

While this update may be a disappointment for some fans, we found that the level of difficulty goes up fast enough and that Variators do a good job of raising the stakes. Let us know what you think about this change and feel free to explore our dedicated Outlast Trials section here on TouchTapPlay if you need more assistance with this game!

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How to Unlock Insane Difficulty in Outlast Trials