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How to Unlock How to Train Your Dragon Skins and Avatars in Lords Mobile

How to Unlock How to Train Your Dragon Skins and Avatars in Lords Mobile
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To celebrate the upcoming third installment of the How To Train Your Dragon movies, DreamWorks got together with I Got Games to bring the ultimate collaboration. Your favorite characters are jumping into Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars with an exclusive event! Find out below who you can expect to see, and how to unlock How To Train Your Dragon skins and avatars in Lords Mobile.

How to get How To Train Your Dragon skins in Lords Mobile

The exciting new event in Lords Mobile brings an intriguing puzzle to solve, and some Berk-themed exclusives to enjoy. To get to the Viking Treasure Hunt, just tap on your Events and find the new How To Train Your Dragon section. There are sixty days to complete the event, so you have plenty of time to jump in and get started!

The key to this event is the Viking Compass. Players must collect these to complete puzzles, find Berk Coins, and unlock all the rewards available in the Viking Treasure Hunt. The Viking Compass can be obtained through completing tasks in Events, in Viking Chests, and by purchasing Viking Compasses bundles in the Store.

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Each avatar and reward is unlocked by completing puzzles. The puzzles can only be completed by finding puzzle pieces using a Viking Compass. Once you have found all pieces to a puzzle, then that reward is unlocked and yours to keep. These are completely random, however, and the Viking Compasses can find duplicate puzzle pieces. If this happens, you are instead rewarded with a Berk Coin.

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Berk Coins are used to purchase more exclusive event items in the Berk Emporium, so they are still worth collecting if you want every How To Train Your Dragon avatar, emote, and any other item. Here are some of the items you can unlock by completing puzzles:

  • Storm Helmet (150 Artifact Shards)
  • Toothless and Light Fury (Castle Skin)
  • Hiccup (Avatar)
  • Confused Toothless (Emote)
  • Astrid (Avatar)
  • Hookfang Glowers (Emote)
Image via I Got Games/Dreamworks

The Berk Emporium holds great items such as the Toothless and Light Fury avatars, Barf & Belch emotes, cosmetics, and Shards.

If you don’t want to spend any real money, it is recommended that you explore all your events to see what rewards you with more Viking Compasses. Try the Hell Event, Solo Events, and the Kingdom Labors event. Take your time, log in every day, and you will soon unlock all you need during the Lords Mobile and How To Train Your Dragon collaboration.

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How to Unlock How to Train Your Dragon Skins and Avatars in Lords Mobile