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Element Envoy is a playable character to unlock in ChillRoom Inc’s 8-bit dungeon battle game with average health, armour, and damage, but very high energy. Element Envoy comes fully upgraded when unlocked, and with the basic weapon Visage of Elemental Power.

Their skill is the Table of Elements where they conjure pillars that attack the enemy within a certain range, to a maximum of 6 pillars (without buffs), with a 4s cooldown.

Each pillar deals 6 damage every 2.5s for 15s, and multiple pillar beams will link together to deal combo damage. The beams are coloured blue (ice), purple (thunder), and red (fire) and debuff the enemy with freeze, stun, and burn respectively.

Unlocking Element Envoy

Element Envoy

To unlock this character players must first fully upgrade the Wizard and Elf characters. Players then obtain Magic Crystals from Wizard by tapping on ‘Refine Magic Crystals’, and obtain Tear of Elf from Elf by tapping ‘Condense Tear of Elf’. Take these two ingredients to the Workshop and combine them along with 2000 gems on the Design Table to develop Echo Amber. Bring the Echo Amber into the dungeon and the character will transform into the Element Envoy.

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There is also a way to create Echo Amber in the Forge Table using 2 Magic Fragment Blue, Magic Fragment Cyan, 2 Magic Fragment Red and 2000 Gems.

There is a 60% chance Elemental Envoy will appear in your lobby when you have completed the game. They are a legendary character so it will take some work to keep them! As with Inter-dimension Traveller, players will need to complete the game 3 times to fill up the bars and have the characters show up in the lobby.

Good luck!

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