ChillyRoom Inc’s 8-bit battle adventure game Soul Knight is full of fun characters, exciting shoot-outs, and magical objects to interact with. As players explore the dungeons and collect weapons to help on their missions they come across mysterious statues to interact with.

Statues can be found in rooms highlighted with a yellow exclamation mark on the player’s minimap. When a player encounters a statue they can interact with it by giving it coins and purchasing a temporary special effect to add to their skill. Each effect costs at least 15 gold coins and this amount increases as the player’s game progresses. The price can be lowered using a Store Price Lower Buff obtained through Portals, Golden Mushrooms, from a Mysterious Trader, or in The Portal.

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Players can only use the effect gained from the statue while using their skill, and can only have one statue effect working at a time: if you give a new statue coins before using the effect of the previous one it will replace that effect with the new one. Players using a statue effect can see the cooldown time in the coloured circle around your character’s feet- the colour corresponds to the statue’s colour (see table below). These cooldown times can be reduced using Skill Cooldown and Cooldown Buff.

WerewolfRestores 1 Health60s
BerserkerWeapon boost for 5s for player and allies11s
EngineerUses TNT around player that explodes after a few seconds or on impact10s
PaladinPlaces 6s forcefield around player that goes after taking hit8.5s
KnightFollows player, dies after taking much damage or after 20s8s
AssassinShoots 3 daggers at once in cone-shaped arc causing 4 damage each1s
PriestDraws circular symbol for players to stand in and regain 30 energy over 3 ticks in 2s 12s
SorcererShoots 8 arrowhead bullets in all directions 5s
ElfEnemies are knocked back and take 5 damage8s
ThiefCreates implosion drawing in enemies and dealing 4 damage. Also inflicts a boost debuff.3s

Most statues are affected by various buffs to make them more powerful. Use them wisely and they can be a great asset to your game!

Soul Knight is available to play on Nintendo Switch, IOS, and Android.

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