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How to Unlock Easter Weapons in Roblox Zo Samurai

How to Unlock Easter Weapons in Roblox Zo Samurai
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There is an Easter Egg hunt underway in Roblox Zo Samurai with amazing weapon rewards to win. Jump into a game for some exciting PvP matches against your fellow Samurai, or just run about the play zone collecting eggs to exchange for a range of melee weapons.

Keep scrolling to find out all about the egg hunt and how to unlock Easter weapons in Roblox Zo Samurai!

Roblox Zo Samurai Easter Egg Hunt

When you enter a Roblox Zo Samurai server you will find yourself in the Safe Zone. This is where you can meet a mysterious long-eared traveller who has an offer for you. Collect as many shining eggs as you can from around the play zone and the Samurai Easter Bunny will exchange them for some exclusive weapons:

  • White Rabbit
  • Serpent Coil
  • Urchin Sting
  • Turtle Shell
  • Phoenix Pyre
  • Tiger Claw
  • Dragon Tail
  • Golden Kiseru

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Image by Touch Tap Play via Roblox

Each weapon has a unique look and level of rarity, and each costs a different number of eggs. Some weapons cost more Serpent eggs, while others can only be unlocked with the rare Dragon eggs.

White RabbitSerpent CoilUrchin StingTurtle ShellPhoenix PyreTiger ClawDragon Tail Golden Kiseru
Serpent Egg1155155550
Urchin Egg1252555550
Phoenix Egg10002515150
Tiger Egg10001525150
Turtle Egg1515255550
Dragon Egg11115525100
Image by Touch Tap Play via Roblox

As you can see from the table above you have to find a total of 51 Serpent Eggs, 71 Urchin Eggs, 61 Turtle Eggs, 56 Phoenix Eggs, 56 Tiger Eggs, and 139 Dragon Eggs to unlock every weapon. The toughest to find is the Dragon Egg as only one spawns in the game at a time. The trick to collecting them is to head back to the Safe Zone as soon as you find one, then enter the Play Zone once again to hunt down another.

Image by Touch Tap Play via Roblox

If you grind away there is no doubt that you should be able to collect all the Eggs you need to buy the weapons you want before the Bunny leaves. If you love an Easter Egg hunt, why not check out where the eggs are hidden in Roblox Livetopia.

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How to Unlock Easter Weapons in Roblox Zo Samurai


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