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How to Find All Rare Eggs in Roblox MM2: Egg Hunt

How to Find All Rare Eggs in Roblox MM2: Egg Hunt
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What would Easter be without an egg hunt – and no one knows it better than the fans of Roblox Murder Mystery 2! This year, we have 12 Rare Eggs with exclusive rewards that you get if you find different sets.

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However, finding them all may not be as easy as you would like. In this guide, we show you how to find all Rare Eggs in Roblox MM2: Egg Hunt. Let’s jump in!

Where to Find All Rare Eggs in Roblox Murder Mystery 2: Egg Hunt

Unfortunately, there is no way to know the exact location where a Rare Egg will spawn in Roblox Murder Mystery 2: Egg Hunt as they appear at random. You will just need to keep exploring different maps hoping that you will run into each Rare Egg as you go.

However, there are several tips and tricks that you could use to hunt all Rare Eggs in Roblox MM2: Egg Hunt down easier:

  • Pay attention to the chat box – whenever a Rare Egg spawns, there will be a pop-up message about it
  • Learn how to recognize Rare Eggs so that you can notice them more easily – they are sparkly and differ from standard eggs you’re already familiar with (read on for more details below)
  • Be aware that only one person can pick up a Rare Egg when it spawns so don’t delay when you see one
  • There’s no official confirmation, but it seems that Rare Eggs spawn more often in servers with more players
  • Some maps are better for finding specific Rare Eggs – for example, The Bank Egg will more likely spawn in the bank map

How to Find All Rare Eggs in Roblox MM2: Egg Hunt

Roblox MM2 Egg Hunt rare eggs
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The key to finding all Rare Eggs in Murder Mystery 2: Egg Hunt during the Easter-themed special event is knowing what they look like – and then acting fast when you see them in the world. Here’s how you can recognize each of the 12 Rare Eggs in this year’s Roblox MM2: Egg Hunt:

  1. Dev Egg (JD): black with light blue and purple diamond shapes
  2. The Factory Egg: light brown with a red sword sticker
  3. The Research Facility Egg: light blue egg with an irregular white protective shell
  4. Dev Egg (IDHAU): purple egg with black sunglasses and a pirate hat
  5. The Bio Egg: acid green egg with a white stand and cap
  6. The Marble Egg: an egg with a distinct marble pattern
  7. The Bank Egg: gold egg with 999.99 Fine Gold written on it
  8. The Hospital Egg: red egg with a white cross
  9. The Military Base Egg: green egg resembling a rocket
  10. The Nikilis Egg: red egg with pixelated green sunglasses
  11. The Office Egg: white egg with a screen showing a green meadow background
  12. Dev Egg (Zyleak): light green egg with a black bandana

Collecting them all is worth it – depending on the order you find Rare Eggs, you will get:

  • Fragile Knife
  • Marble Knife
  • Biogel Knife
  • Chromatic Knife
  • Painted Gun
  • Nuclear Gun
  • Chromatic Gun

Getting all 12 Rare Eggs will give you a highly-coveted Egg Toy.

We wish you luck in collecting all Rare Eggs in Roblox MM2: Egg Hunt and we hope our guide helps you! If you’re looking for more useful guides for this game, don’t skip our dedicated Roblox Murder Mystery 2 section on TouchTapPlay!

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How to Find All Rare Eggs in Roblox MM2: Egg Hunt


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