dark mode in cookie run kingdom

The Dark Mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom is like the dark version of the World Exploration mode. The PvE battles here are slightly harder than World Exploration, but the rewards in this mode are better, too.

Dark Choco Cookie plays the lead role in the Dark Mode. This mode explores the same maps (that is, Land of Little Big Dreams, Dragon Hill, etc.), but is set in darkness.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Unlock the Dark Mode

dark mode cookie run kingdom
Dark Mode (Image via Cookie Run: Kingdom)

To unlock the Dark Mode, you will have to complete all of the missions up to the Pilgrim’s Path. You will also need to score three stars in all of the missions leading up to the last mission of Pilgrim’s Path.

In simpler words, you need to get three stars in Land of Little Big Dreams, Dragon Hill, and Pilgrim’s Path to unlock the Dark Mode.

cookie run kingdom dark mode
Dark Mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Once you unlock the Dark Mode, you will find it quite similar to the World Exploration mode. However, the map and the battles are covered in darkness.

Further, the number of attempts for each battle in Dark Mode is limited. You get three attempts, and you can unlock additional attempts with crystals.

In Dark Mode, some stages offer Cookie Soulstones as a reward. On clearing these stages, you will be rewarded three Soulstones.

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